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I read about Geeks on a Plane and [Re]Think Shanghai this morning and it had me reminiscing on the whitepaper my MBA team wrote at the end of 2008. We looked at market entry for US firms trying to capitalize on the growing online advertising industry in China. We interviewed over 20 companies including heavy hitters like Google, Baidu, AOL, and Tudo, among others. I've posted our report to slideshsare and embedded here for anyone who's interested! The executive summary:
I recently had the pleasure of presenting a high level review of findings on how top product development shops are re-organizing for success using concepts borrowed from the 'Cloud.' Firms are re-evaluating where there product IP resides and developing 'platform partnerships' to extend their development muscle to deliver remarkable customer experiences.

I had the great pleasure of getting interviewed for the upcoming spring issue of Georgetown Business magazine. It was a great opportunity for me to reflect on my career to date and gain additional perspective on what lies ahead.

Discussing my career evolution reinforced in my mind the value of 'Design Thinking' and the importance of driving creativity and innovation with disciplined process.


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